Tommy Ramone passes away at 65

Tommy Ramone passed away July 11th at the age of 65. The last of the original 4 Ramones. Tommy played drums and produced the first 3 albums. In his later years he played in a bluegrass band called Uncle Monk. They are reunited now, I'm sure rocking the afterlife. Posts from bands all over the world appeared on the Ramones facebook page. The Los Angeles band X posted this: "There would be no X if not for the Ramones . RIP Tommy, Johnny, Joey, and Dee Dee." I'm sure that sentiment is shared by the countless bands they influenced over the years.
NY Daily News Article
Ramones Facebook


Pet Sematary

While searching for videos in the compilation below, I ran across this official video for Pet Sematary. I hadn't seen this one in a long time and watching it again I couldn't help but be all creeped out at the sight of The Ramones as they are slowly being lowered into a grave then topped with a grave marker. Yikes. Given the early demise of Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee this video is pretty hard to watch now. I find it kinda ghoulish and sad really. Anyway, here is the video, judge for yourself:


Ramones in Best of the 80's Poll

So my pals over at the Slicing Up Eyeballs blog are hosting a series of polls asking their followers to rank the top albums of each decade in the 80's. The Ramones aren't faring too well. Here are the results so far for the Ramones 1980 - 1986:
1980 - End of the Century #30
1981 - Pleasant Dreams #43 (tied with the Gun Club - Fire of Love LP)
1983 - Subterranean Jungle #55 (tied with Cabaret Voltaire - The Crackdown)
1984 - Too Tough to Die #37
1986 - Animal Boy #81

Polls yet to come:
1987 - Halfway to Sanity
1989 - Brain Drain

So there are two more chances to get the Ramones into the top 10. Will either of these albums get them there?

I certainly thought the Ramones would have ranked much higher in these polls. At least in the top 20. This is mostly a popularity contest but still think the Ramones should be higher up in all the rankings. I can't name a Cabaret Voltaire song whoever the fuck they even are. How does one of the Ramones best albums tie with some lame unheard of band? I'll take the tie with the Gun Club because Fire of Love was also a killer LP. Both of those should be much higher than #43. Animal Boy contained Bonzo Goes to Bitburg which was all over college radio IIRC. The best it can do is #81? End of the Century at #30? Too Tough to Die at #37? Those two alone should be top 10 albums. Not sure how some of this European synthesizer fluff is getting ahead of the Ramones but they deserve better and so does their legacy. Get in there and vote for the Ramones like I've been doing.

Let's listen to some Ramones from the 80's since we know the real deal.

I went to Rock n Roll High School, did you?


Arturo Vega passes away.

A great friend to Ramones fans and the band has sadly passed away at age 65. Arturo Vega, also known as "Artie" has passed on. He designed the Ramones iconic logos and served as "the 5th Ramone" being their lighting tech and also sold Ramones t-shirts that he also designed. He said he had only missed 2 Ramones concerts. A multi-talented artist. He also ran the Ramonesworld.com website. Another loss for the world of music and Ramones fans. Adios Amigo.


Ramones song in Coppertone ad

The Ramones song Blitzkrieg Bop is now appearing as background music in an ad for Coppertone Sport sunblock. Imagine, one of the greatest songs of the past 50 years reduced to background music in a commercial. At least the Diet Pepsi ad played homage to the legacy of the song. This one sucks.


California Sun - Dodge Dart Commercial

The Ramones song California Sun is appearing in an ad for the new Dodge Dart that has been airing in Califonia.


New Joey Ramone Music

A new Joey Ramone CD is coming in May. This is the first track to be released.
Mostly demos and unreleased tracks. Looking forward to hearing the full CD.
A red vinyl 7" of Rock n Roll is the Answer will be available on Record Store Day, April 21st.
Check out the info at the Slicing Up Eyeballs page linked below the video.

Slicing Up Eyeballs - New Joey Ramone


Joey's Solo Song on German TV

Showing the Ramones international appeal, Joey's "What a Wonderful World" solo song was used in a recent episode of the German TV series Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei. Episode title was "Die Nervensäge" which aired on 3/29/12 on the German RTL network. Alarm für Cobra 11 is about the police on German autobahns. Known for it's spectacular car crashes, this episode is no exception. Here is a link to the episode online, the song appears about half way through the episode and at the very end. Die Nervensaege on RTL


Ramones on Tonight Show 1992

The Ramones performing 2 songs from Mondo Bizarro album and I Wanna Be Sedated. Joey has some interview time with Jay.


KALX radio on 10th year since Joey passed on

Was listening to KALX radio in Berkeley today and the afternoon DJ, Tiger Lilly played a half hour of songs by and about the Ramones in tribute to Joey Ramone who passed away 10 years ago today. It was a great tribute to Joey and it was good to see that college radio hasn't forgotten the Ramones and their influence on music long after their breakup and subsequent demises of Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee. Thanks Tiger Lilly that made my day. I liked the instrumental from LAMF too, I'll be tuning in to your show for more good stuff.

You can listen live at the link: KALX 90.7 FM
Tiger Lilly's show is described as "A manic, sleep-deprived stew of '70s punk, glam, rockabilly, '50s rocknroll, doowop, '60s girl groups, pub rock, garage, punkrocknroll, and whatever else provokes riots on your own personal dance floor."
Sounds good to me! Tune in and give her a listen, you may learn something new too.

Anyway, here are a few videos from Youtube to remember Joey and The Ramones in their heyday: