Ramones Mania in Cleveland

Here is a cool way to spend the weekend. A mini festival called Ramonesmania is hitting Cleveland Ohio this weekend in honor of the 30th anniversary of Rock-n-Roll High School. A concert with local bands playing Ramones songs is happening at 07:30pm Saturday at The Happy Dog. A midnight showing of Rock-n-Roll High School is happening on Saturday after the concert at the Capitol Theatre. The Melt Bar & Grilled is featuring special Ramones inspired pizzas this weekend only. Melt has been featured on Man vs. Food, Food Network and the Today show. A very popular local establishment. The pizza choices are:

Friday Feb 18 & Saturday Feb 19. 4 special pizza themed sandwiches for each Ramone!
The Joey Ramone 3 cheese meltdown
The Johnny Ramone veggie lovers
The Dee Dee Ramone meat lovers
The Markey Ramone spicy garlic white

See Rock n Roll High School, Saturday Feb 19 at The Capitol Theatre, midnight.

Also attend Ramonesmania at The Happy Dog before the movie for Ramones cover bands and true Rock n Roll High School mayhem co-sponsored by Melt! Leather jacked not included!

Please send me some photos or get in touch with me if anyone in the Cleveland area attends these events. Hope the jukebox is full of Ramones music! Gabba Gabba Hey!

This promotional poster describes the event.

Happy Dog
Cleveland Scene Magazine
Melt Bar & Grilled

Rock and Roll High School

Joey Solo

Maria Bartiromo - live

What A Wonderful World:


Danny Says

Sonic Reducer w/Pearl Jam

Dee Dee Solo

Video of Dee Dee from 2001 performing Born to Lose, Chinese Rock, and Pills. Well lit and good quality video. Most Dee Dee vids are of pretty marginal quality. He's really hammering on that bass!

Lifetime Achievement Award Update

Sire Records Founder Seymour Stein on 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award recipients Ramones and their pioneering punk rock:

Ramones Lifetime Achievement Award