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Welcome to my Ramones crummy stuff webpage. See if you agree with my picks for favorite records & songs. I have included links to places on the Internet you can find other Ramones sites as well as books and their music. I hope that you are "Somebody Like Me" and enjoy Ramones music as much as I do. I now present my Ramones crummy stuff..........

My favorite Ramones records in order
1. Subterranean Jungle
2. Ramones
3. Road to Ruin
4. Too Tough to Die
5. It's Alive
6. Rocket to Russia
7. Leave Home
8. Loco Live
9. Greatest Hits Live
10. End of the Century
11. Acid Eaters
12. Halfway to Sanity
13. Adios Amigos
14. Pleasant Dreams
15. Mondo Bizarro
16. Animal Boy
17. Brain Drain

Long live the Ramones! Gabba Gabba Hey!

My Personal Favorite Ramones Original Songs in no particular order
2. Go Little Camaro-with Deborah Harry! Ooma mow mow
3. I'm Against It - Me too!
4. Pinhead-Gabba Gabba Hey!
5. Wart Hog-Whatever DeeDee is saying..great song.
6. Babysitter-That little creep ruining our fun on the couch.
7. I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
8. I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement -- Were you ever scared to go down in your basement when you were a kid because you thought there was a monster or something down there? I was.
9. Glad to See You Go
10. Bad Brain
11. Somebody Like Me
12. Cretin Hop
13. Rockaway Beach
14. Commando
16. Crummy Stuff
17. Durango95-killer instrumental
18. Everytime I eat Vegetables
19. The Blitzkrieg Bop
20. Havana Affair
21. Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World-Cool lyrics--Shocktrooper in a Stupor
22. Carbona Not Glue-A pretty good song, too bad it got cut
23. Bop til You Drop
24. Too Tough to Die
25. Chinese Rock - Hey is Dee Dee home?
26. Danny Says-One of their best songs.
27. It's Not My Place (in the 9 to 5 world)-I can relate to this song!
28. I Want You Around-from Rock and Roll High School Soundtrack

Well this list could just go on endlessly as I really like all of the Ramones songs and on different days I may have a different favorite. Today these are some of my favorites.

My Personal Favorite Ramones Cover Songs in no particular order
1. Time Has Come Today-You gotta love how Joey sings "Psychedelicised!"
2. Little Bit O' Soul
3. Spiderman Theme
4. Surfin Bird-Nobody could papa oom mow mow like Joey!
5. Do You Wanna Dance
6. Needles and Pins
7. Palisades Park
8. Let's Dance
9. California Sun
10. Indian Giver-Great b-side song
11. Most of the Acid Eaters CD
12. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

Links to other Ramones sites
The Ramones Official Site -The "official" Ramones website is run by the band's long time manager Arturo Vega, Artie. Includes merchandise, photos, audio, and links.

Who out there remembers Trouser Press? This cool early eighties magazine was all about the alternative music scene (mostly from a British perspective). It folded in 1984. Editor Ira Robbins has brought it back to the web. Find reviews from the Trouser Press Record Guides to the 80's and 90's.
Bonus: check out the cover archive from the home page. The last issue featured Joey Ramone on the cover. I had a copy of this issue once upon a time.

Good books about the Ramones
"The Ramones: An American Band" by Jim Bessman.

"Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones" by Dee Dee Ramone.

"Poison Heart: Surviving the Ramones" also by Dee Dee Ramone.

Trivia Question
A famous song from the 1960's was recorded by both The Ramones and The Sex Pistols.
Can you name this link between the two founding punk bands?
Answer is below.

Ramones shows I attended:
It has been almost 20 years since I first saw the Ramones play live. It was an experience like no other. A neverending sonic assault, songs played fast and with nothing more than DeeDee's intro of 1234. There was never anything like a Ramones show, and there probably never will be again. These are the shows I can remember being at. I still have the ticket stubs from a few of them. I'd like to get a scan of them to post here. Wolfgang's was destroyed in the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, the I-Beam closed up in the early 90's, and the historic Fillmore still reigns today as a top venue in SF to see concerts.
"Too Tough to Die" Tour- 1984 Cleveland, Ohio
"Animal Boy" Tour - Sept. 15th 1986, Wolfgang's San Francisco, CA
"unknown Tour" - July 11th 1988, The Fillmore San Francisco, CA
"Halfway to Sanity" Tour - 1987, The I-Beam San Francisco, CA

Trivia Question Answer
The Who's song "Substitute". Appears on the Ramones "Acid Eaters" CD and the Sex Pistols' "Great Rock & Roll Swindle". The Sex Pistols recorded it first, many years before the Ramones did.

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