Joey Ramone in Unauthorized Doc Martens ad

Doc Martens had some ads created for a British magazine that feature 4 alternative rock icons as angels wearing Doc Martens boots in heaven. Joey Ramone, Joe Strummer, Sid Vicious, and Kurt Cobain were the 4 deceased punk rockers used in the ad. Aside from being in very poor taste, not obtaining permission to use any of these people's images, and making a good attempt to alienate a huge base of fans, Joey was Jewish and according to his brother never wore Doc Martens.
Converse sneakers were usually what I saw him wearing. Anyway Courtney Love got the campaign shot down quickly as it should be. The estates of the other deceased punk rockers joined her in that. Now Doc Martens is blaming the ad agency and they are blaming Doc Martens. Can't imagine any of these 4 guys would have agreed to this if they were still alive. Many fans are simply asking why??????

If you really want to see the photos click here

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