Ramones AT&T Wireless Ad

This is a post I made on my family blog back in May 2003. Talking about hearing the Ramones song Blitzkrieg Bop used in AT&T GO Wireless ad. Still not sure about it.
I hear it on the radio and see it on tv. I'm happy to hear the Ramones instead of Journey or REO Speedwagon, but is it okay to sell products with their music?
I just despise AT&T so maybe that's it. They bastardized Oasis too.
Anyway here's the post:

Friday, May 09, 2003

I was about to get on I-580 in Livermore this afternoon as the Giants-Marlins game played on KNBR radio. Suddenly I hear a familiar chant, "Hey ho, let's go..." followed by that familiar 3 chord intro to the "Blitzkrieg Bop". Then it happened. Yes, AT&T's GO Wireless has managed to take the punk anthem of my generation and reduce it to a commercial for their service. "Good grief" I thought, "is nothing sacred anymore?" What is worse is that I'm not sure who to be angry at. Or if I should be angry at all. On one hand it is nice that the Ramones have attained the mass popularity that they never really had (albeit many years after their heyday). I see lots of young teenagers wearing Ramones t-shirts lately. On the other hand AT&T has managed to bastardize the Blitzkrieg Bop into an advertisement for their crappy wireless service. People were up in arms when Cadillac used Led Zep in it's ad a few months ago. I never thought I'd see this day. You don't do this. Was this created by a Ramones fan? Or some corporate dote who thought the words fit in with their ad campaign? Are they targeting these teens and their renewed interest in the Ramones? Obviously somebody made some $$$$ here. The world has changed since 1978, it's all about the Benjamin's. Listen in to the Giant's games and I'm sure you will hear it yourself.

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